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Creating a winning engineering or manufacturing resume isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Between resume-scanning algorithms, overworked hiring managers having to make decisions all the more quickly, and the increasing level of global competition in the job market, your resume has to do a lot of heavy lifting to sell your story and get you in front of decision-makers.

Get Expert Resume Coaching

Fully Personalized

We get to know your unique talents, experience, and skill sets that make you appealing to companies and help you craft and sell your story to hiring managers.

Remote or In-Person

We work with you in person, or via Zoom, to get to know you and discover what opportunities align with your strengths and career vision.

One-on-One Coaching

You work directly with your personal resume coach who understands you, your strengths, your story, and what makes you valuable.

Have confidence in knowing your resume is exactly what decision-makers want to see.

Our resume writing coaches work with you to craft the story of your personal and professional accomplishments into a rich, yet concise resume that sells your unique talents while giving you peace of mind that your resume is ready to adapt to any new opportunity.

  • Know that your resume successfully sells your skills, accomplishments, and story.

  • Easily adapt your resume to perfectly fit future openings and opportunities.

  • Stop getting ghosted by companies and connect with quality, culture-driven firms.

Our Process

Step 1

We get to know you and your strengths.

We work with you, on your schedule, to understand what makes you uniquely valuable to companies, what ignites your passion for manufacturing/engineering, and how you create value.

Step 2

We help craft your story and sell your expertise.

Drawing from your strengths and experience, we help you craft your story and concisely distill the journey of your career, your major accomplishments, and your unique talents into your resume.

Step 3

We craft a winning resume together.

Working with your resume coach, you’ll craft a winning resume that stands out, offers rich information, and allows for easy adaptability to future opportunities.

Take the Next Step in your Career

Let’s take the next step together. Get a free, no-strings-attached consultation with one of our career experts today.

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Cherished Partnerships. Expert Placements.

“... After making the appropriate changes to my resume, I started to receive responses from recruiters for interviews. I now work as a mechanical engineer designing HVAC systems for the light commercial sector and couldn't have done it without Glen's sound professional advice.”

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

“... [Glen] cares for them as individuals and will go out his way to help anyway he can to ensure their success. I believe Glen would be a positive asset for improving anyone’s career on any level.”

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

“... Glen is easy to work with, generous toward others, and truly cares for the people he serves. I will continue to engage Glen whenever I need career guidance.”

Executive, Automotive