• F = First Decide   (1st of 5 Blogs in a series on F-O-C-U-S)

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    F = First Decide   (1st of 5 Blogs in a series on F-O-C-U-S)


    • This sounds easy but so MANY cannot let go of ‘Boiling the Ocean’ (especially STEM and finance types) due to having skills in adapting and ‘fixing’ things.   Another factor is a lack of self-awareness and self-confidence in what believing they bring VALUE UNIQUELY to the table.
      • How to Figure this out?
        • Ask former Colleagues and Bosses who know you best
          • When did THEY think you were at YOUR best and WHY?
          • Try to get more than one perspective, especially if you have changed companies, functions and industries.
        • This helps you Sort out the Problems You can Solve BEST
        • NOW – Pick ONE or TWO.
    • WHERE is this problem?  This seems to simple but if you or your family do not want to be there, you will inject another wrinkle of difficulty into things.
      • Geography
      • Industry
    • WHEN does the problem need to be solved?  This is from both your ‘timeline’ and the ‘needs’ of the client perspective.
      • Does their timing match your timing?
      • Does YOUR Life Stage fit?
    • A HIGHER # of ANY of the ABOVE = LESS FOCUS
      • The urge is to BOIL the OCEAN.
      • Actively RESIST!!!





    “We need a PLAN to get back to EARTH with time to spare…  we never lost a man in space and we sure as hell are NOT going to lose one on my watch. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.”


    #UniqueValue  #PersonalBrand #Focus

    This the 1st of 5 blog articles in a Series called – full PPT file is => ‘F-O-C-U-S’

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