• Cover if you MUST

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    Cover if you MUST

    We were asked about #CoverLetter basics today and shot a quick response out. In our experience, they are not used much but if you must, LEVERAGE IT appropriately.

    #CoverLetter Basics:

    (1) Never use a generic format / one sizes fits all approach

    (2) Use bullets to highlight specific ways you solve the client’s problems – that are IN ADDITION to your resume

    (3) You have to grab your audience via your Personal Brand in the first two bullets – like we say about the top 4″ of a resume  ~ Give your audience a REASON to want to read further

    (4) Think ‘mobile’ view when you write it – so short email type length and format viewed on a mobile device

    As a Recruiter:

    (1) If generic, I rarely read them. (only scan)

    (2) If heavy, wordy paragraphs exist, I scan or skip

    (3) I may or may not send to the client – issues highlighted above DO NOT help advocate for your candidacy.

    What has worked for YOU?

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