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Founded in 2002, Coltec Consulting now provides Executive Recruitment services of engineers, supply chain, operations / executive management, quality and sales professionals to the world of Manufacturing.   Industries served are: aerospace/defense, capital equipment, automotive, oil/gas manufacturing, energy, heavy equipment manufacturing, electronics and management consulting.


Why “Coltec”?   Glen grew up on a hog farm and as the old saying goes – “You can take the boy off the farm but you cannot take the ‘farm’ out of the boy”.   Glen learned a deep sense of the value of ALL work via this experience as he did every job imaginable.  So, later when he created his own Company he put together  ‘COL’ for the “work” verses in Colossians (3:17, 3:23) with the word ‘TEC’ for the ‘technical’ services he was providing to clients to create the ‘Coltec’ name.


Glen Hall – Managing Director

Glen is a recovering Engineer / Operations Executive who is now a People-Holic. His past experience as a COO, VP Operations, Director of Operations, General Manager (Executive Program Mgr), Business Unit Manager and Consulting Manager gave him a unique view of the people required to launch greenfield manufacturing sites and re-structure Operations teams. This provided skills in broad organizational change, talent assessment, job scoping, and recruitment experience while actually running the business.

He also spent many years as a Product Development Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Facilities Manager, and Operations Manager at companies like Ford Motor, Federal-Mogul, ZF Group NAO and Ernst & Young.

Glen has degrees in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

He has served as President of the Tulsa APICS Chapter and is on its Board of Directors where he is pursuing his CPIM certification.

Outside of Coltec Consulting, Glen can be found coaching others on their Career Strategy at OJT in Tulsa, being a BBQ snob, running a few days a week, watching his sons play basketball, and trying to get outside with his wife raising three active sons.


“Glen’s knowledge on energizing a career through networking opened eyes for new opportunities.”

~ Bart Pickens